circles become spheres


the ethic (images 4-10)
Vu-Pro photo backdrop stand, muslin, shell from the Pacific, painted hawk feather, Campo del Cielo meteorite, feather, beard, stainless steel

barer (images 11-13)
diesel generator, clay

diviner (images 15,16)
shell from Micronesia, Campo del Cielo meteorite, American quilt circa 1880, blanket from India circa 1960, Kuba blanket from Zaire circa 1900, blanket from Mexico circa 1950

twelve years garden (images 16 -18)
resin, stainless steel, paint

conjurer (images 19-21)
Da-Lite photo backdrop stand, muslin, stainless steel, necklace, false eyelashes, mascra, perfume

Gentili Apri, Berlin, Germany

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