The Possibility of Men and the River Shallows


wood, foam board, paint, 800 gallon acrylic water tank, 10 horsepower special effects fan, 1987 J1 Super Jumbo Promax boom box, fragments from the Teignmouth Electron, brass, chainsaw cut/first aid kit, flashlight, florescent lighting, freezer, fog machine, custom spring, plexi-glass, house plants, grow lights, jet pump, 2 sump pumps, 60 gallon water tank, misting nozzles, water filters, pressure gauge, exhaust fan, industrial dehumidifier, carpet, one ton of clay, 5000 watt sound system, 12 volume reference library, VFD drive, 2 iPods, 1983 Ocean Pacific wind breaker, gold leafed papier-mâché objects, dismantled papier-mâché river raft, papier-mâché helm, anchor, cemetery stones and barrels, hand made clothes and death/theater masks, Hall and Oates’ LP H20, Hall and Oates’ One on One (1982) and Albert Ayler’s Love Cry (1967).

DiverseWorks Art Space,
Houston, Texas, USA

Grand Arts, Kansas City, Missouri, USA in 2006 as Riverboat Lovesongs for the Ghost Whale Regatta

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